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Our Story...

Tano and I are in a relationship for close to 11 years. Our upcoming wedding date is our actual 11th year anniversary. We both met through school friends when we were still in high school. Our first date was at the movies. I still has the tiger toy that Tano gave me on that day.

We got engaged at the very memorable date of 12th of the 12th 2012 (12/12/12)! We just came home from dinner. We decided to take our then 4 month old puppy Pugsley at the dog park behind our place. Once we got there. Tano picked-up Pugsley, got down on his knee, read a poem that he had personally written, and then proposed!

We both are studying to become registered nurses. Tano loves playing basketball and football with the boys. I enjoy hanging out friends and and having a laugh with them. We both love lounging at home, watching movies, and eating junk food!